Thanks to technology, digital cameras and Photoshop it has become easier to sell yourself as a good photographer.. But for me it’s not just about taking a good shot; it’s about capturing the moment, a moment that can always be reflected on, a moment where you can relive the emotion over and over again..

Whilst staying within the boundaries of traditional photography which is still everlasting, we like to also bend the rules a little. We specialise in what we call Grey shots (urban) and your traditional green. This unique concept has helped enhance our image and bring vibrancy to our portfolio, it helps be a little different but still stay within the rules. We like to rebel!

EVERY WEDDING IS UNIQUE; we never like to turn up and do the same shots we did with another client a week prior. EVERYONE IS AN INDIVIDUAL; through our consultation we like to find out about peoples characters, are you a car lover, cake maker, what is your job role, habits and what are your passions? It’s all well and good keeping things traditional but adding that extra creative fizz and truly reflecting the couples personalities, brings a whole new dimension to our wedding photography. YOU WILL ONLY WEAR THIS DRESS ONCE; well maybe twice with us… so let’s make it special.

Weddings are and will always be such a special time, filled with so much happiness and love. Those memories deserve to be cherished and shared one day with your children and grandchildren. We are here to help you create those emotive memories and share them with you, your family and close friends forever.  I know it sounds corny, but ask your uncle to put down his IPAD (Grrrrr) and enjoy the party.. 🙂

Have a peek through some of the images we have captured on some beautiful occasions, we love what we do… now hand me the champagne! 🙂


I have not ever shot a wedding that was shorter than 12 hours, I will be there until you want me to leave as most of the real moments happen when you least expect it and usually after the happy couple enter and alcohol consumption (depending on the culture and religion of course). For me its about capturing the most important parts of the day, I don’t like harassing you too much whilst you’re being prepared for your special day, but we do love to have a bit of personal time with you when you are ready to make your way.

I constantly reiterate to many couples and family members, if you need me to take a specific snap.. I’m there, I’m here for you…

One thing we would like to emphasise is that we do not hold any of our couples to ransom. As soon as  your Album arrives, we will also send you a DVD / USB with all images available for you to print.


please contact us for further information.


Post Shoots

Once a booking has been made a pre / post wedding shoot is a great way for us to get to know each other better, and provides a fun way to get some fantastic pictures of you both. When you realise that in just an hour or two you have a collection of stunning photographs you will be happy that on your wedding day you know you are going to get 500+ beautiful, individual pictures.

Our Albums

I’m very happy to offer all our clients Italian Handmade Albums. These handmade albums are made to the highest of specifications and can be customised to suit your theme or personal preference.  Our albums are included in some of our packages, please drop this into our initial conversation and I can guide you through whatever package would be right for you.

Your images are edited and uploaded to our secure servers for viewing and selection for your album.

Overseas Weddings

The last 2 years we have started taking on overseas weddings in Cyprus, Ireland & Dubai. If you have an idea in mind, please drop us a note and we’ll see whether we can work it out with you